Dua To Remove Jinnat From Body

Assalam u Alaikum! Rohani wazaif presenting a very powerful Dua to remove jinnat from the body.

There are several causes of Jinn possession. Jinn could fall in love with a woman or a man. The question is how to get rid of jinn lover from that particular body?

It’s not that difficult as it seems.

If an individual is seized by any Jinn. This Quranic dua will definitely remove that jinn from that body. To get that Jinn out from the body. Anyone can perform the following Islamic procedure for any number of days.

Though, this Dua will make that Jinn come out from the body in the very first recitation.

Dua to remove Jinnat form body

Method to Remove Jinn from Human Body?

  1. Make a fresh ablution
  2. Recite Surah Rahman Verse #33, 21 times.
  3. Make a blow on a glass of water.
  4. Let the patient drink this water.
  5. If ALLAH the creator wills, the Jinn will definitely come out of that body and go away.

As soon as its done, though, this Islamic process to get rid away of Jinn will throw the Jinn out of the body. Whereas, there might be circumstances where the Jinn will take more time to come out.

In this case, one should perform this process every day. Once the Jinn goes away, the process can be stopped.


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