Cure For Black Magic by Quran

Assalam u Alaikum! Rohani wazaif presenting a very powerful method for the cure of black magic.

If someone is affected by black magic, then they can perform the following wazifa to get a cure for it, InshaAllah they will get positive results. Just make an intention that ALLAH Azzawajal will provide all the cure and healings to them, Ameen.

How to perform the Wazifa Cure for Black Magic by Quran?

  1. Take one pure and a cleaned piece of cloth (better in white color)
  2. Color this color in turmeric powder mixed in water
  3. Then cut this cloth into 40 small pieces. Likewise, you do when you make any amulet
  4. In the night, light one piece of cloth on the place where the affected person sleeps
  5. Thus, light one piece every night till 40 days continuously
  6. Perform this process exactly for 40 days in the same home where the affected resides
  7. InshaAllah the affected person will get a cure from the black magic and it’s other attached worse symptoms

Note: Females should not perform any part of the wazifa during the 7 days of their menses. In fact, they can ask any male member to do this for them.

Or if their menses starts in between the lighting of the piece of cloth they can skip for seven days and let the male member of their family do this. After when they become cleansed with a ritual bath they re-start.

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