Dua for Victory Over Enemies

Assalam u Alaikum! Rohani wazaif presenting a very powerful Wazifa for victory over the enemy.

Wazifa for victory over the enemy:

Method for wazifa:

  • You can start this wazifa on any day and at any time.
  • Make a fresh ablution.
  • Offer two rakah Nafil prayers. Then recite the Lovely Name of Allah ‘Al-Qadiru‘ 100 bar parhiye.
  • Then make a dua to get a victory over your enemy.
  • You can perform this wazifa until you see favorable results.
  • Inshallah, your purpose will be fulfilled soon, Ameen.
  • Besides that, if you recite this lovely name ‘Al-Qadiru‘ of Allah while making an ablution. It will overpower your wazifa capacity. Your enemy will be down soon.

Inshallah, this will definitely help you to get a victory over your enemy.

Note: Females are only allowed to recite the lovely name of Allah and they cannot offer Nafil prayers during their menses/periods.

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