Benefits Of Istikhara


Apart from transparency in complex matters, and being able to get Allah`s Help in, Istikharah also brings us closest to the Almighty.

The sacred Angels of God, the Exalted are the only creatures that are very near to the Lord, but when a person on earth pleas to Him after waking up from one`s sleep, Allah SWT highly admires this action, listens to its requests, and tells its Divine Messengers about that particular individual.

Hazrat Shah Waliyyullah (R.A) writes:

“From amongst the greatest benefits of Istikharah is that man becomes detached from his carnal desires, his animalistic characteristics become subject to his angelic nature and he hands himself over to Allah. When he does this, he reaches the stages of the angels whose quality is that they await the command of Allah. When Allah’s command is received, they exert themselves through divine motivation and not carnal motivation. I believe that excessive Istikharah is a proven tonic for the inculcation of angelic qualities.”

It means that by Istikharah, one can clean itself from all the harms of the worldly pleasures, and gets the honor to have the characteristics of the Celestial Beings of Allah Almighty.