Permission For Dua/Wazaif

Wherever, on selected Rohani Wazaif Dua page getting permission before performing is written thereto. Due to the fact that there are few selected Dua Wazaif in which getting permission is mandatory, then please read the process further. Here we will discuss about how to get the permission for those selected Dua Wazaif.

  1. Make a fresh ablution.
  2. Prior to performing any wazifa read Durood Shareef as much as you can in the starting For example if you have read it 3, 5, 7, 9, 11….in whatever number you want, this is so easy.
  3. After that recite 101 times Bismillah-hil-Wase-‘ul Jalla Jalaaluhoo (With The Name of ALLAH who is The Vast, The All-Embracing, The Omnipresent, The Boundless, May His Majesty be exalted). Blow it on your palms of your both hands and then wipe them off on your face.
  4. In the end the same number of Durood Shareef you recited in the starting of this.
  5. Now, you are allowed to perform the wazifa.